Everything you’ve ever wanted is right outside your home!

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Life so far!

Don’t get me wrong – I love my home, my family, my country and the friends I grew up with. Being born in an economically developing and a politically third world country and having been raised in a joint family with 15 people living under one roof is an experience not many of you may be familiar with. If I could put it out there in 3 words –It institutionalises you.

My mom has never ‘professionally’ worked in her life. Making sure that every member in the house was served 3 wholesome hot meals every day of the year was her only full time job. Our smiley faces and full stomachs were her compensation and her 10 day trip to her mother’s place once a year was like her annual promotion.  My dad set up a photography business when he was 20 so he never really worked in a corporate 9 to 5 job. We call this a ‘business-class’ family in India. He never reported to a boss or did any Monday morning meetings. My 2 brothers joined my dad’s business even before they finished their graduation.

My point in 3 words – I was clueless. I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed. When I completed my graduation – everyone said “time to get married”. That was me 21 years of age.

While this life came with its own benefits – regular happiness, reduced stress and low anxiety, it was also limiting in many ways. Not knowing what it feels like to accomplish something, to push your boundaries and be creative, to take risks – is like a lost opportunity. I remember when I walked up to my parents and told them that I’m going to study further, find a job and move out of the house – it was like they just witnessed a “red wedding scenario” ( Ref: Game of Thrones III , episode 9 ).

I eventually found out I was pretty good at convincing people which is why I found a successful career in sales to begin with. I learned that your clients (just like your parents) are just unaware of what you are capable of and what you have to offer but all they need to hear is – “ I know my shit and I’m going to make things alright”. Yes, it was that easy (NOT).

It’s been 6 years since I left home in Delhi – moved to Noida and then Gurgaon and then Chicago and finally to Melbourne & If I had to summarise my experience in 3 words – “I broke free”.

I know it’s a little tough initially, especially if you have never left home but trust me when I say that the world out there is unbelievably rewarding. Yes, you won’t be in a space where your life fits a particular routine or you have a mental security that nothing’s bad ever going to happen to you but I promise you – you’d be a lot more productive, have a significantly higher self-belief and will be able to face your challenges like a boss.  Also, the pleasure of being part of a new culture, making new friends, learning new experiences and most importantly having an opportunity to instill confidence in someone else who is at the exact same place where you were – are just a cherry on the top. To put it in 3 words – “It is blissful ” !!


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