When Life hands you lemons..

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Life so far!

Disclaimer All characters, incidents, stories, happenings in this work below, are absolutely REAL.
Any resemblance to real persons, living and NOT dead,are purely intentional .
The gravity of situations mentioned below are least exaggerated and can be taken in a more serious yet funny note.

It’s been precise 2 months today, since my life changed radically. Getting married, moving to a new house,leaving my home for good..kissing the kids in the family goodbye… Becoming a part of a new family .. the relatives..all the expectations..the judgmental glances.. the apprehensions.. the sweet memories. And in THAT confined time – also managing marriage registration, driving license, visa, bank accounts,air tickets. It was a world to see in precise 14 days and how !!! Now when I look back, I realize how foolishly worried I was about everything. Its surprising how things just fell into place.. And I’d be selfish not to mention I had a partner who stood by me in all times.
You know when they say,’When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!’ We kinda made gallons of it .. :))

I still remember how ridiculously I had packed tonnes of luggage and realized how overweight I was at the airport ; with gazillion advices echoing in my ears, ” Carry as many warm clothes as you can” , ”Do not talk to random people on board”, ” Make sure to carry your passport with you’, I mean wtf? ,”Take atleast 30 rotis packed from home, saves all the trouble of cooking once you land for a long time. haha.. yeah .. sure !”, ” Do NOT eat beef ” Sorry Mom, i was forced into it ;)) !

This was my first ever 22hr long flight to a land I had never been to. Nothing to gloat about , but the fact that it seemed so venturesome to me all doing it by myself back then , I could almost make a joke out of it today. Its a different story that the flight actually turned out to be over 25 hr long.
So well, after managing to get myself on board,and sitting on my ass for over 18 hours, going all anxious about how its going to be there so far away from my own country, a flight announcement shook me up. Out of nowhere, the flight going to Chicago, had to be landed in Goose Bay Canada Airport ( I had NO idea what was happening ) due to some emergency.. !
For a moment, I thought if our flight was being hijacked, but that’d been way too dramatical to even think of.
or atleast that’s what my husband waiting for me on the other side would have thought of. I mean, think of it, how often do you go to receive your newly wedded wife at the airport just to find out, she never really would land. cuz the flight she was on..was hijacked ? That would surely have been the end of our so called ‘ lemonades’ :)

The guy sitting next to me , Mathew.. was an American, He and I kind of started playing guessing games.
Going positive, if it was not the hijack, what else could it possibly be – The plane ran out of fuel ? The pilot had to go take a poop ? Mathew suggested it must have been some military emergency – I mean.. WHAT ? How the hell does he infer that ?? Didn’t know if this was a regular practice, but it surely happened to us. If Mathew was any right , I came that close to be able to tell my children about how my flight to Chicago kind of landed in the middle of nowhere.. just because some American militants had to port deadly armaments on our plane due to an emergency which led to the biggest outbreak of an impacting war in our era .. ! And there I was , married only 14 days back.
The pilot, finally announced it was a medical emergency ,some passenger on the plane had to be moved to a hospital and hence the landing on the Goose bay. But wait , I never saw anyone being moved out of the plane ?
Some hoax ? Conspiracy ? It will always be a secret to us ! and I kind of like the sound of that .. don’t I :)

My flight was 3 hrs late,Nevertheless, I had landed safe, waiting to see my husband and super excited.. so well, I was almost that close to conclude it a day worth all the troubles until I figured my luggage were missing. Errr.. Both of them. Bummer!!
What is it ? Was I the target ? The chosen one ? When I was done thinking all evil, a funny thought passed by. Was I being punked? That would be hilarious! But who would be trying to pull that off on me ..shattered my hopes.
How often do you end up having a screwed up day like this, JUST when you least expect it and of all the days, on a day like THIS ?

So yeah, I’m on a foreign land..quite by myself..for the first time ever.. can’t find my luggage.. the flight is already too late… and you know what adds up to the drama . My husband .. while endlessly waiting for me outside the airport scanning every passenger’s face coming out of my flight, worriedly thinks probably I never got onto that plane in the first place. Freaky eh ? I wonder what I’d do if I was in his place..

This had to be a nightmare one of a kind. But this HAS to be a real story to be told forever also, one of a kind !

P.S Eventually, my husband found me, and I found my baggage … after each of us reporting them missing :)

  1. md610 says:

    LOL. Superb. HAHAHAH Glad the lovers got united in the end.
    You are such a drama queen.

    I told you not to worry so much. This is the best inning of life. Enjoy and celebrate each moment. Celebrate your monthly anniversaries.

    Love, love, love and more love.

  2. Gaurav Shakya says:

    How abt tomorrow??? lolzz

  3. Gaurav Shakya says:

    sorry yesterday…

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