Another Year Gone by ..

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Life so far!

And as we enter a yet another new year , reminiscing how last one passed , looking forward to whats next, making sure not to make the same mistakes we made last year, promising ourselves new resolutions.. thinking about last year’s ones..and if we ever kept them …and almost gearing up to work on the rest of the bucket list …

I welcome 2011 reiterating the fact that this year is not like others, because its unique, its absolutely unusual and its filled with days that are never coming back again,So I better be living them…

One of my friends happened to ask me if I was happy the way 2010 passed for me? If I was content with how it went, if I wished more would have happened.. or flabbergasted with how it already turned out to be, to whom my reply was,”It was quite eventful..definitely eventful…!!” Needless to say , i couldn’t have asked for a better 2010. A year to remember by.

And what do I look forward to? Some sanity to make right decisions in life, some hopes to not to mess it up this one time,more beautiful moments to share with my partner, career growth, learn to cook ‘out of the world’ delicacies, more trips and more places to explore, read more ,keep my blogs consistent, follow sports more often, stay fit and super strength to keep up with these endeavors I drafted in my mind..

And again, despite my bright hopes and expectations, I bid myself to stand levelheaded, be ready for the unexpected, ensure i don’t hurt anyone else anymore, not be too attached to materialistic things in life, and keep going taking every single day as it comes ..

  1. Gaurav Shakya says:

    Well…wish u luck for 2011 and all others waiting impatiently to come and fill your life with sweetly surprising events!!! My way to look at it is that with every new year, if I cant be better..I try not to be worse!!!

    • kanikasapra says:

      thankyou so much Gaurav. Wish you all the luck too. . :)
      I look forward to this year with lot more memorable times to share with you guys too..among others !! and with another year of experience in the past lane, you only tend to grow wiser from here.

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