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Posted: October 14, 2010 in Life so far!

Had been itching to write for a whole week now but couldn’t really think of what to .
Honestly speaking , I almost finished writing a post on murders, honour killings, Suicide attempts , betrayals, slaughter … and then chose not to publish it ;)
I mean… enough of serious shit, how about lightening up a bit.
So I started putting down random thoughts and of things that make me feel weird about myself…

So seriously… Is it really unusual …..

1. That I totally dislike chocolates, ice creams, shopping for hours and all the other girly fancy lil things , whatsoever. I love the color purple though ;) and ya .. gossip girl is one of the best tv shows I have ever seen .

2. that I have seen the movie ‘fight club’ atleast 231 times and I still discover something new in it every time I watch it . In Tyler, We trust!!
(P.S – I’m watching it again tonight)

3. That I think giving someone flowers is the stupidest idea whatsoever. Come to think of it, the flowers go dead as soon as you pluck them. And they are not going to survive this way for too long anyways, I understand the sentimental value they hold for you, but come on, that just goes to show how you are attracted to one’s lifeless temporary beauty , from the looks of it , that you’d rather pluck them then let them live.. (Shame on you!!)

4. That I finally fell in love with a guy, and not a girl this time.. (Yes it’s a shocker, haha) and I’m soon to marry him :D and for those who question if it’s really love, go f*** yourselves. If you need to know this, you definitely don’t deserve to.

5. That I believe in vampires and their very existence of it. I know they are somewhere there around us, they are keeping an eye on us, waiting for that one chance to strangle us in a dark lonely woody place near the highway. . That’s why I wear this ring that has vervain (poison to vampires) that keeps me alive :)

6. That I once forgot the date of my MBA entrance exam of one of the renowned institutes and missed giving it. It was the paper I had been studying for almost a year. I got through other MBA entrances though. (No regrets!!) –I like to believe I would have never cleared that one anyways: D

7. that I once was so horrified by blank call we received middle of the night along with my other flat mates, that we almost called the cops.

8. That I had a major crush on one of my cousins ( ewww, I know !! ) . We were kids; I barely knew we weren’t supposed to feel that ways for siblings at all, of all the people :)

9. I laugh when bad things happen to me; it’s like my way of telling God, “Nice try, you were that close”.

10. That I feel super sleepy on a weekend night, considering I’m a movie buff and the next morning is an Off for me , but somehow I stay up late on weeknights, when I know I’m working the next morning. And then I’m found yawning and catching partial sleeps in office.

11. That I’m so bad at remembering phone nos. , I still cant seem to remember my fiancé’s no. … tsk tsk !! (I hope you still love me baby :) )

12. That I wanted to finish this list at 10 points but 10 is so normal a no. that I rather finish it on a 17 or 19 or 23 and I got so many more to tell that I gave it a pass!

13. That I don’t find happy endings in a movie or a tv show interesting even one bit . It’s always fun to see rough love stories.. bad guy falling for the good girl .. ! Damon and Elena.. I vote for u!! I even wanted Rachel to end up with Joey!! It’s the weird.. off the regular couples tales that get you brownies(at least from me) !!

14. That I feel disappearing act is the best way to counter attack; it makes the other person think that he did too much hurting. :-P

15. That I barely feel nostalgic looking at old things and pictures or people for that matter. Its mostly a lie when I say “I miss you” to someone. (Keyword: mostly). What I exactly mean by the words I miss you is “ Im glad I don’t miss you ,cuz im talking to you right now , how could I miss you and talk to you the same time, and honestly , if you weren’t in touch, we obviously chose this way, so how could I miss you in that case? ” (Ok it got a little confusing but I hope, you get the point)

16. That I can live on pasta and cheese burst pizzas all my life.

17. That I super hate gossips and more so people who indulge in it. Sometimes I feel like smacking my own friends who just want to talk for hours on others ppls’ lives. I know they do it, I can’t stop them but it makes me pity myself for dragging myself through it. .

18. That I’m not an animal lover. I hate dogs, cats as pets. They are better off in some jungle hunting their ways to live. Not in my goddamn house!!

19. That I know its 19th and an unusual no. to finish my list at. But what the heck! I had fun :)

  1. Mehak says:

    Good one. Soul sister indeed.
    You talking about FMS entrance test right? Lol though i do nag you abt juice on monu mansi monkey. Pls dont hate me.

    And crush on cousin. Haha you are mindblowing.
    I still love you. :P

  2. branchenbuch says:

    Thank you for another great article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.

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