In the name of God…

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Life so far!

Man to God : God, why did you make woman so beautiful?

God to Man: “So you would love her.”

“But God”, Man says, “why did you make her so dumb?”

God replies: “So she would love you.” :)

It’s always nice to read conversations people have with their gods, goes to prove – somewhere deep down in everyone’s heart .. exist a GOD that one has blindfold faith in.

You may term it whatever you want – the higher power, the man upstairs or the divine imminence, the point still remains around the fact that you absolutely realize you would be nothing without him (read: her)

I was a non believer in god, until one day i realized who am i making a fool of. Nobody cares if my god really exist or not, it is me who does and thats all that matters to me.

The other day in office, a colleague  got me into thinking,left  a question for me to figure the answer for.

Ques If you really think God is and everyone believes as much as you do, where do you think the god was when innocent lives were lost in a recent German bakery blast in Pune ? Do you think the people who lost their loved ones believe in their god anymore ?

For me, the question does not end there, and it never will..

Come to think of it..  the best I could do to answer was to think of my god and ask him quick , ” God, I know you are there . Nothing in this world can make me re-think over it, but what about those and many more who lost the faith in you that day or many such days in the past ? ”

He did not answer me that moment , but i did get my reply soon. And i hope everyone finds their own.

My question to you now is, so you don’t believe in god and look, you will do anything your GODMEN( the so called swamis of the world ) will tell you.

I absolutely respect one’s opinion and belief in what so long as it makes you a better person in life.  But what about THOSE lot – who one day decided and voted their own Godman amongst us and claimed their search is over.

Swami Paramhansa Nityanand,video footage of whose indulging in sexual acts with women was telecast by Tamil TV channels last week . His  whereabout is not yet known.

Sant Swami Bhimanandji Maharaj  is a self-styled godman who preaches spirituality while running a prostitution racket in south Delhi.

To ideally speaking, they are not to be blamed. If it wasn’t for our blind faith in them – they wouldn’t be exactly the kind of  infamous celebrities  as they are today!

I demand a peace of mind, i demand to choose my own god, I demand absolute transparency  of every single self styled godman.

Just once wouldn’t you love for someone to simply show you the evidence for God’s existence? No arm-twisting. No statements of, “You just have to believe.”  But are you sure  “If god does exist, would you want to know him?

I know there are a  gazillion minds who at the moment are just willing to give me a good fight on this and are ready with their judgments about not believing in god.  Honestly speaking, I don’t care. To each, his own.

As someone rightly quotes : Every evening I turn my worries over to God.  He’s going to be up all night anyways.

As for you guys, if this gives you even a lil shiver in your heart, i would think my job here is done :)

  1. Tanya says:

    The blog hits hard kani …but my question still remains “how will those pple regain their faith in God ?’
    and u said u have got ur answer -what is it ?

  2. Amit says:

    If we can understand that even god never lived a sorrow-free life…from Christ to Bhagvan Ram to Guru Teg bahadur …May be ,we will start focusing and taking responsibility of our own life…May be,we will not doubt existence of god every time,we face a problem or don’t achieve anything which we want,god is definitely there and he has his own plans,nobody can understand that ,before time comes for it…Never in my life,he has kept me un-answered for whatever he did to me…In bad times Faith in god,help us to live life with a hope and in good times Faith in god , tells us not to loose modesty and never leave hope again…And About god-man,even I never believe in them ,I don’t need a mediator between god and me…

    Natural calamities are still to some extent a puzzle,as no one is prepared for them…For bomb blasts and terrorism, Government and we the people are responsible…Don’t get God in this scenario,give him some peace…I wrote a small blog( and did a very small act ,along with being in touch with All India Anti terrorism cell after Blasts in Delhi ,last year…Some people,may just laugh away the naive way d blog was written(I admit ,I am v bad blog writer,thats why i appreciate people who write well…:-P) or may be that I got over-emotional and cautious…but even today whenever I am in India,while entering a mall ,I make a point to instruct watchmen to check all cars properly for any threats…And about,the faith of families of victims of bomb-blast,trust me they will not loose faith in god…It will get stronger(may be after a short pause), 1 year later,you will read stories of courage of families of dead in these blasts in…That’s Life…

  3. Fruity says:

    Your belief or non belief in god depends on life’s incidences….my belief in god and non belief has passed many incidences….god is nothing more than what resides inside your mind and soul. If its clean god is around. A per Pune victims god is there- he is there to give courage to the survivors and the family who lost their loved ones.
    If he takes away something he does gifts you strong courage – real strong courage – that’s why we put a brave face and do funeral rituals- we bow and say namaste to the ones who come to grieve, we serve them food with love, we feed the poor and the brahmins. We get courage right from the time we know we lost someone.

    Its a pity and a strange coincidence I am reading this on the 3rd death anniversary of someone who left me but taught me everything I needed to learn about life and above all reintroduced me to god.
    I know god is taking care of him wherever he is. This is my belief.

    God bless you always.

  4. Amit says:

    That was a beautiful answer Fruity(don’t know ur real name)…Though Sad to hear,you lost someone this day…
    Real faith in god ,is not to have all the answers before-hand but to have faith and walk the path…

  5. kanikasapra says:

    Her real name is Mahak and thats exactly what she brings in each of our lives who have known her from close:)
    Amit – You have come out way too ahead and really understand the desire of having God around us. I wouldn’t be kidding if i say my GOD completes me.
    I completely second your thoughts about remembering God in good and worse times. Keeps me steady and level headed or atleast I hope for the same.
    Mahak – I pray for your family from the bottom of my heart. Someone once told me, Nothing wrong can happen to people who are nice and genuine. I’m sure where ever uncle is today, he is looking at you and is absolutely proud of you for everything.
    I love you and will always do. And as for the rest of your bits and worries , leave it all to god.

  6. rajvendra says:

    Lemme put it this way.. God.. (not going into the debate whether it exists or not) is a belief.. Belief need not be backed by evidence or hypothesis.. Be call it, Almighty, Supreme power, Para-Normal.. is an Energy.. and for comfort of those who believe in SCIENCE (yes, you who till a point of time believed that Earth is flat, not round, until proved WRONG..) I would say every Energy has an equal and opposite energy to counter it.. so was the basis of Newtons 3rd law.. So, God must have an Anti-God.. who’s/her/its role is to counter and keep the system working..

    If there would have been no Anti-God.. the existence of god , the belief of God would have never transpired..

    I can go on and on.. but I have to go for a meeting.. to be the Anti-God ;-)

    • kanikasapra says:

      Rajven.. i buy your point to an extent . But NOT every energy has an equal and opposite energy to counter it.
      If you had seen the video ,you’d know what m talking about.
      For eg : Darkness , or cold can never be studied in the law of physics- it is only the absence of the opposite (studied) energy – Light and heat’s existence that makes it counter felt…irrespective of its actual existence.
      And hence, Anti – God is only a myth that very well stays in the minds/ beliefs where there is No god!
      Gud luck for the meeting though :)

  7. Fruity says:

    Thanks Amit and Kanika…..its so glad to find reviving source of energy from the siblings god forgot to give us – friends.

    God bless you always.

  8. God is there and acts like the one in Pune should not stop people from believing in God. The funda is its all about merging into the source. going back to where we came from. Our own father our own home. how will we go there? unless we all become like him? so we need to attain that state of god first…right here in this human form..when we are supposedly having better brains in this life..else we will continue in this cycle…sheesh i spoke too much :P

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