If Love is the answer, Whats the question?

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Life so far!

No, this is not my love story,.. for that matter, this is nobody’s love story.. In fact, there’s no love in this story at all .

I just picked up this day ( Valentines or Vday ) cuz it has a direct connect to our love or anti-love cells in our brains that become active the most today in the entire year. Its safe to assume, today, anyone reading this, would just be able to comprehend it a lil more than on any other day.

But come to think of it, why is there even a V day at all . I mean..I could just be a lot more lovable on any other day. What if, today is just not the day. What if I m pissed today,what if today morning – despite all my fancy plans , all i got was a flat tyre, a ticket for over speeding, Almost killed someone on the road, Ordered chicken and got fish instead ( Did i tell you , am allergic to fish? ) , couldn’t get my size of the dress i totally adore ( and its on 50% sale )..I mean.. why the hell do i walk up to someone and wish a happy valentine when i know i m having the worst day of the year. Sorry guys who are in love, i don’t mean to screw your day .. you can still opt out on reading this.

I just don’t know why couldn’t I choose my Valentine day on my own.

And i know most of you would just say, everyday is V day for ppl who are in love..but seriously.. come on , I could be having a severe headache today or just found out that my ex has moved on and is with someone else. I seriously don’t intend to make it sound all depressing, but really, if love was the answer to all, could you rephrase the question:)

I just felt awesome the day i got a new job – Let THAT be my valentine’s day or the day i last partied all night .. or what about the day when i sang Happy Birthday on phone and brought a smile on someone’s face.

If the great Christian martyred saints of ancient Rome , termed as Valentine (( thats where it all began guys, ha.. and you thought it was as easy as a chocolate or a rose day ..)) were thinking they would just fix one date to leave a trail of audience crossing that as an important date in their calenders, well.. they weren’t that wrong.

Like many , IT IS my important day too…. important day to get a hair spa done.. or start a book based on a rehab group with the world’s most psyched out yet normal characters . Or wait, lets hit a hill station with a bunch of friends.. but NO.. lets just wait for next weekend as i could be pissed today:) I’m sorry if i sound mixed up but that’s exactly my point..

I could be extremely pissed today (for any of the reasons mentioned above) however, my hill station getaway could just be 7 days away from today and just 7 days past your V day. I absolutely don’t need a date .. Last i celebrated my V-day was when i received an unexpected call which wasn’t even a week ago.

So well guys..too bad.. i might just never run out it, My no. of Vdays could be even more than my actual age.. But then, Come to think of it yet again.. Isn’t that the idea:)

Happy Valentines Day guys..for those in and out of love.

It shall conquer all !!

  1. Mahak says:

    hehehe true spirited K!!
    yes baby you can have your V day when you are surrounded with good memories, people and most important good mood..infact i had a horrible day today.
    I felt out of love and dejected just because I was at uni searching frantically for my research paper.
    For me V day was when we two met after like say googol years? And as per trip you will have a gala time 7 days past other people’s V day ….for sure…

    Now sit back and relax and enjoy that book..while I bang my head and ask god why did I ever thought of doing my masters with a full time job and a full time husband :P

    Muuaahhhhhh comments exchanged and buzzes flown made my vday with ya babe…
    love you heaps…..
    sending you a big warm bear hug…..

    PS – never knew the girl is allergic to fish!!! And you will get a hotter dress next time…for sure…

  2. kanikasapra says:

    haha.. don’t you just have a way to make my day. despite your day turning out all crazy..! Thx ladki .. Now thats a V day moment .. Meeting ya was certainly a V day of its kind.. when i had totaly lost al the hopes on meeting u.. courtesy, your never ending plans to visit the entire India in a span of 30 days.. !! Urghhh… !!
    Let the world have their fancy Vday today .. we dont need a 14th of feb to make it al special for us.. You , MY Girl, Grin back at the forces of universe working against you today.. and tell them to go take a hike.. cuz you cudnt care less & so cudnt i :-) (Waise, i had another V day moment this morning *wink* ;-)
    I like the bit abt ur full time husband … haha.. gud luck on ur full time job though !!
    PS> Fish make me sick..to death :|
    Love ya girl.!! Have a LOVEly time .. a romantic candle lit dnner with ur full time husband might just do the trick :)

  3. Tanya says:

    Everything in life is based on circumstances, had u and i been seeing someone ,we would have made a hell out of that day …….. as of now , its just another day…well i pampered my self totally that day from getting a hair cut to buying myself 3 shirts to buying that perfume i was eyeing for long………….but I did celebrate the day- I was my own Valentine and come what may I know that I am my truest Valentine,I will never leave myself and I love myself unconditionally…

  4. amit says:

    with whom? is d question…come on…LOL…

  5. Tanya says:

    has she known ..with whom ? she wud not have written this blog !

  6. Nik says:

    :) dudeeeeeettte….ur a blogger nowwwwwwwwwwwww ! hehehe ………….. :)

    hehe ….yayyy ! Love n all …. :) mannnnnnnnnnnnn …. heh ! cute really cute…. cheeeky tooo ! :)

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