My influential rockstar..Then & Now !

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Friends 4 Life

Year 2002, my first day @ my grad college, & i wore these pair of bell bottom jeans with those red and blue laces on the below…

And then commenced the ragging tradition,they (devil seniors!!) made me stand right on the top of a table in the canteen, and made me dance on the tunes of sharara wait, nothing of this matters unless i tell you complete. Striking off what i told, I was ragged, ya.. they made me stand right on the top of a table in the canteen, and dance on the tunes of sharara sharara.. Heres what really happened, this 2002 chic, standing in the canteen looked as apprehensive & new as i did, and they decided our fate for the day(or life).. got both of us on the table (no cheeky thoughts intended :) ) and made us dance on sharara sharara.. and god,how we enjoyed it … ( shamita shetty, u were our goddess & then u put on weight..arghh) .

I hadn’t heard her till end of the day maybe..and m not talking about shamita here. But well, when i did , the woman had a voice one of its kind..and at the cost of sounding cheesy..i did compliment her, “you have a voice of a nightingale” and she smiled and thanked.
I wouldn’t forget mentioning this also,but she found me as a snob and someone with too much of an attitude..LOL.. typical bollywood drama eh :P

Guys, i wouldn’t really go on telling you a day-wise historical report of our rendezvous but if i could say the least without exaggerating a bit, it was pretty magical .

It’s been 8 years now and it still seems fresh. *Get us on the table again, & you’ll see the magic*

Ok just for fun, let’s just do a comparative analysis of how things were back then and how they are now.. i’ll leave the inferences,implications & judgments on you all once you have read it all..

Then : We wore these funky denims,with flowers and laces on them.
Now : We flaunt around our sexy satin dresses and pretty heels to go with them.

Then: I wouldnt let her study in class. (ref: our economics lecture and we both were asked to leave the classroom, coz i couldnt stop chit chatting from her)
Now: I will screw the man who ever asks her to leave any goddamn classroom ever in her life.

Then: She would laugh at me because i made such silly mistakes in my stats paper..and i’d be so embarrassed, i’d almost cry.
Now: She would be my guiding source in every exam of life i ever take.

Then : Kulchhe chhole and Mc Donalds burger would make our day.
Now : 100 Pictures clicked and uploaded and commented upon, will make our day.

Then: She would exchange her tops with me just to make sure i look pretty pretty on someone;s bday.
Today : I can bet 1 Mn $, she would still do the same !

Then : We would do our sexy moves on table top.
Now : We have gone ugly with our chakki and manglazz “HOoo” dance..

Then : We would accidently kiss.
Now : We would deliberately kiss.

Then : I’d like some guy in college and she would rate him for me.
Now: She is married and settled in NZ, and wants me to have my honeymoon there(whenever that is )

Then: She was an amazing cook
Now : She is an amazing and an outstanding cook

Then : We would bitch about some friends of ours who were/are actually weird in their own miraculous ways.
Now : we are so done with it (or are we? ).haha..

Then : She was one of the most awesome friends i ever made in life.
Now : She defines the word awesome itself and friends ?? nahh.. sisters for life:)

I could go on and on but the point would still remain the same, i’m absolutely blessed to have her around and our journey from THEN to NOW has only begun ! ! !

(P.S = As they say , One who finds a special friend, finds a treasure. I found my treasure  almost 8 yrs back. )


  1. Mahak says:

    Ah tearjerk roller coaster post this has been. You should added a **spoiler** at the beginning to keep tissues handy.

    Babe what more can I say except that god actually didn’t forget to give me a sister. We are sisters for life and our love and mutual admiration for each other will continue to grow.
    Its your charming and caring nature that has preserved this sapling for the past eight years.
    And I assure you my love and affection for your zany flava will never outgrow.

    I have been possessive and protective about you though the streak never comes out prominently as I keep my claws hidden and sharp just in case. If anyone and I mean anyone ever tries to hurt you this wild cub will tear him/her to shreds (1cm each shred precisely) and I mean it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Quoting famous dialogue//Hum dost the hai aur rahenge….

  2. Kanika Sapra says:

    Lol… i liked the shreds bit..:) M glad u like it.. and the idea wasn’t really to make u weep or evn feel sad. Have just been thinking how u’ve unknowingly gotten us close in ways more than 1. I mean come to think of it, u got me on to fb, twitter, wordpress…what not.. seriously.. if it wasn’t for these ,things wouldn’t have been so communicative. And by saying that, i do not mean to ignore the fact that the intentions also were absolutely mutual and i hope shall remain so – forever and for always.

    love ya girl :)

  3. Mahak says:

    I am pretty sure about the shreds bit and practising the art of shredding too :) ;)

    I feel that we have grown closer with the wider distance between us. I asked you to join fb, twitter, wordpress coz I want you where I am – always..your presence makes my existence worthwhile love!

    Love you too…..
    be the way you are always….no changes!

  4. Sahil says:

    Waao… wat a compilation of d all ur sharing and experiences together. I know shez a gem of a person, yeah Shamita. (I can hear d cubby doing grrrrrrr…. ) Just perfect in each n every way. She’s a guide, mentor and d most helpful and caring person and a frnd for life. (hey, kanika, i hope she does not start flying… lol )
    Jokes apart, I would fall short of words if I start my critical analysis here. But yeah at d same time i know i can go on n on n on.. for which i wud write in my own space… dont want to fill up urs… lol

    Anyways, well done gal for a start. N yeah she’s no doubt the bestest. CHEERS!!!

  5. Mahak says:

    awww timbo..i could so totally cry right two are my strength and love u the most..and same goes for you too sahil..if ever anyone tries to harm you this cubby will bite him/her to shreds (0.5cm precisely!! 1cm is reserved for Kanika’s demons)…

    awww i love you both like crazy….muuuuaaahhh life’s so bful when you two are around…..

  6. kanikasapra says:

    Sahil – Thx for giving it a read.. Reallly appreciate that ! :)
    Mahak – Im still laughing on the 1 cm wala joke.. hahhaa..m sure my enemies are already scared to death !

  7. Mahak says:

    HAHAHA laugh…but I mean it….. :)

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