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Gandhigiri Justified… Or NOT ?

Posted: January 31, 2010 in Life so far!

This is a true story of two professionals , extremely hardworking. People would look up to them , they had an aura to die for. I , one day , would like to be like one of them.
To make it comprehend easier, lets just randomly name them :-)

Professional 1 – Mr. Blue
Professional 2 – Ms. Red

To remind you once again , the story is absolutely TRUE and is influenced by 2 real characters in my life.

Mr Blue and Ms Red were two of the finest working people you would ever come across and had two of the sexiest *laptops* one would envy for!

One of these summer days, in scorching heat , Ms Red felt like sipping an iced lemon soda. She was driving her way to office when she saw this sodawala. It was her lucky day i guess . She parked her car by the road , walked out and already gave a signal from a distance to sodawala to be ready with a glass. While she sipped the glass in one gulp and felt inhaling heaven in one breath , a thought struck her right in the head. She didnt lock her car door. The best she could think of right at the moment was to run to her car to ensure her laptop was still there.

To her misery and unfortune, it was gone. Office Laptop worth 60k, disappeared in no time. She forgot the taste of soda. The summers were back again. She was sweating her life out . She immediately called her boss and was asked to get an FIR done so that the office could get a claim on that.

Her first encounter to a police station , and she was restless already . and there was this attendant, who looked friendly & sweet. Seemed he would make it a lot easier for her. When she told the attendant (Mr Grey ) the entire story , he smiled and gave her the assurance all’s well :) Mr Grey wrote her FIR and made sure it looked like an accident . There she was with the FIR that said — Poor Ms Red, the thief broke her car window and took it away while she fought and strangled with him but in vain.
Prob solved, she got a new sexy laptop in 15 days lying on her desk. And well this laptop was far better, a more expensive one. It was definitely the best chill she could get in such summers.

Mr Blue, who worked in same office, had pretty much the same experience in next one month and No, it wasn’t intentional ;-)
Mr Blue was a senior guy . He had reached a position after a lot of hardwork, and honesty. The summers were still not over, courtesy the global warming .
Mr Blue was out on the road, with his boss and had been walking quite a distance. He had the laptop hanging by his shoulder. He walked like a proud warrior.
He was tired of walking and wanted to take a break. He stopped for a min , put the laptop down by a wall . and damn, he looked down after a min, and it was gone. Wah re India :-)
The encounter to the same attendant in the same police station , but with a twist. Mr grey heard his story and again smiled the same way. When he was to write about the notorious made up accident story,Mr Blue thought it was unjust. He would do anything but lying. The final FIR said — “I was careless, put the laptop down on the road and it was GONE. ” The FIR never said – it was stolen .
The FIR had to be accepted in office but the claim never came. Mr Blue eventually had to shell out the amount of the laptop from his own pocket.

Mr Blue still walks like a warrior with his head held high . He makes his team proud,he has an aura one still dies for. Mr. Blue is on the right path. He is our Gandhi of todays era.


hanging by a moment..

Posted: January 29, 2010 in Life so far!

Not a person with a great memory . I usually tend to forget moments like they just never happened, until they were real important, until they changed my life in some way or the other, until the moments were just meant to be remembered for a lifetime.

Was just walking by the park i grew up playing in.Don’t exactly remember when,but somehow i had just stopped going there. It’s a park right close to my house, pretty green now .Back in 1998 , me and couple of my friends would just assemble there every 5 pm, and started our later part of the days – spent running , sweating, yelling , kicking and the sun would set for us to get back to the boring monotonous lives . It were like the times no one could steal away from us at any cost offered. Come to reminisce, I happened to meet the first guy i ever had a crush on in the same park , also met my first best friend there (cheena ,are u reading this ? ) ;p
Today, the park looks much cleaner but also a lot boring. Im sure the park miss the hell out of us , as much as i do.
Lets just say the memory from that park, dont seem to go off my mind at all.
Can’t believe we are all grown up already. Its like the time’s running too fast , like the whole life just passed in a blink of an eye. As someone rightly quotes, ” get busy living or get busy dying. ” ( Frank Darabont, i doubt if you reading this ? :P ) In no time, i’d be looking back to the days i live today and perhaps would feel the same way i do right now, but in NO possible way,i m going to regret any bit of it .
The people i lost,the tests i failed, the chances i missed, the moments i skipped – were just meant to be. If given a chance , i promise to myself, id make the same mistakes again:)
At the cost of sounding clichéd, If it wasnt for them, I wouldn’t be what I am :P

I made my life JUST the way i wanted it to be !

Only a day before my bestest friend had called, while we chit chatted our ways to glory, there popped an idea in her mind. Lets hit the road, its 26th Jan winters, awesome weather, and i couldnt stop myself from knowing more :o)

So well. Finally it was decided.Neemrana Fort Palace it is. It is known to be Rajasthan’s closest palace from Delhi, & is among India’s oldest heritage resorts.
Only 122 kms , situated on Delhi – Jaipur Highway. The best getaway we could think of for a day trip !!

We had our company ready, the 3 musketeers were back again :-)

And since i love driving, it had to be my car :-| ( not to mention : Also cuz mine runs on CNG :P ) So it was decided, i pick up musketeer 2 from Ashram and we pick up musketeer 3 from Gurgaon and we are on our way to the palace.

So as decided, I leave at 8 am, and woahh.. it doesn’t get any foggier than this . I swear,the only thing that was visible to me that time was my car steering and NOTHING beyond it, not even the car bonnet, forget about the road . I thought it was a bad idea to leave that early but it was 26th Jan, the roads were deserted. My chances of hitting another car on the road was abt 80% less than on any other usual day :) However, the real challenge lied in figuring out where the road really headed !!
So ya, pretty much about 10 kms of drive at a speed of 5km/hr and i was still in delhi without any musketeers to accompany. Arghh, the day had only started.

I could see a lil now, sunshine is a bliss- i realized that moment !! Almost reaching ashram to pick my musketeer 2 and woof .. got a flat tyre. God’s way of telling- If you can’t change your punctured tyre, Life wont be any easy, not even on a national holiday :)
Dragged my car to the nearest gas station, found a puncture wala to my surprise. God bless his family, my musketeer had reached there too. God bless his too :)
It was 9.30 and as scheduled,i should have crossed gurgaon by then. God’s way of telling – Guys, schedules don’t work on a republic day !!
So tyre done, musketeer 2 in the car with me and we are on our way to pick musketeer 3 ( the brainchild of the neemrana plan ).
Fog had come back now, like a revengeful evil. But we had 2 pair of eyes to beat it , little relief.
Somehow managed to reach Gurgaon by 10.30am and musketeer 3 was furious already. The only way to calm her down was..well… not that difficult .. just ensure you are entirely stupid and cracking the sickest jokes ever and it would keep her happy and busy :)
The drive was fun, the cold breeze added the flavor.
And just when everything was going good and at a pace of 110 km/hr , out of nowhere, a little puppy popped out on the middle of the road. God’s way of telling – Guys, It may look small but it will screw you hard :)
My car brakes and all the filmy skits came into action and yayy !! it was no less than a feeling of feeling like a hero ( after some shock and crazy heartbeats ofcourse!! )
The fort was here – beautiful, huge, silent, old and serene.

Couple of hours, and we had clicked all the possible angles and inclinations of the fort :) We loved the palace, and were starving. Lunch per head costs 1100 Rs, are you kidding me ? God’s way of telling – there are no free lunches in the world, and guys, you would need a credit card for this one :)

The day was well spent, and the drive back was even more fun. Just when we started calculating the exact time we would take to head back, struck a horrendous traffic jam which was uptil some 4-5 kms ahead of us. My musketeers’ devil minds back in action again and my Santro turned into a shocker proof SUV , diverting on the parallel under construction road. Since it was a national holiday, i guess the workers weren’t there and we managed to freak out every possible vehicle stuck in the jam seeing us passing them by in a flash of a second!! And in no time, we were back in delhi with a heroic glow on each of our faces.

“As they say, the real fun lies in the journey itself and not the destination.”