Don’t get me wrong – I love my home, my family, my country and the friends I grew up with. Being born in an economically developing and a politically third world country and having been raised in a joint family with 15 people living under one roof is an experience not many of you may be familiar with. If I could put it out there in 3 words –It institutionalises you.

My mom has never ‘professionally’ worked in her life. Making sure that every member in the house was served 3 wholesome hot meals every day of the year was her only full time job. Our smiley faces and full stomachs were her compensation and her 10 day trip to her mother’s place once a year was like her annual promotion.  My dad set up a photography business when he was 20 so he never really worked in a corporate 9 to 5 job. We call this a ‘business-class’ family in India. He never reported to a boss or did any Monday morning meetings. My 2 brothers joined my dad’s business even before they finished their graduation.

My point in 3 words – I was clueless. I wasn’t quite sure where I was headed. When I completed my graduation – everyone said “time to get married”. That was me 21 years of age.

While this life came with its own benefits – regular happiness, reduced stress and low anxiety, it was also limiting in many ways. Not knowing what it feels like to accomplish something, to push your boundaries and be creative, to take risks – is like a lost opportunity. I remember when I walked up to my parents and told them that I’m going to study further, find a job and move out of the house – it was like they just witnessed a “red wedding scenario” ( Ref: Game of Thrones III , episode 9 ).

I eventually found out I was pretty good at convincing people which is why I found a successful career in sales to begin with. I learned that your clients (just like your parents) are just unaware of what you are capable of and what you have to offer but all they need to hear is – “ I know my shit and I’m going to make things alright”. Yes, it was that easy (NOT).

It’s been 6 years since I left home in Delhi – moved to Noida and then Gurgaon and then Chicago and finally to Melbourne & If I had to summarise my experience in 3 words – “I broke free”.

I know it’s a little tough initially, especially if you have never left home but trust me when I say that the world out there is unbelievably rewarding. Yes, you won’t be in a space where your life fits a particular routine or you have a mental security that nothing’s bad ever going to happen to you but I promise you – you’d be a lot more productive, have a significantly higher self-belief and will be able to face your challenges like a boss.  Also, the pleasure of being part of a new culture, making new friends, learning new experiences and most importantly having an opportunity to instill confidence in someone else who is at the exact same place where you were – are just a cherry on the top. To put it in 3 words – “It is blissful ” !!


This Too Shall Pass

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Not everyday you happen to run into people you never ever wished to , and then when you do , you want to look away right before they even take a notice of you but soon you realize it hardly works, because apparently they recognise you so well even with your back facing them , that you only hope the only thing that could ever work for you was to go invisible …literally.

I happened to run into one of those lunatic bygones the other day .. the one who was off my list ever since I finished school.

Sometimes you approve of yourself so selfishly at the convenience of your own solace, that you tend to look beyond the most obvious and the simplest of things . She was the most annoying thing on the face of the earth. The only reason I ever happened to know her in the first place was because she sat right behind my desk in school and on one damned day, I asked her for a pen! I never leave my house without a pen ever since. Oh yes, I wouldn’t be exaggerating in declaring that,that cursed pen pretty much made my life a living hell.

Ideally, this woman should have never even been existent in my thoughts, however ironically, she had happened to leave quite a prolonged memory in my head that just refused to wither away.

Even until today, I would wake up sometimes in the middle of a night , just with a glimpse of her in my dreams nightmares. I must REALLY hate her.
I’m not really the kind of a person who gets stuck up on people or things too hard or for too long. I let go of things easily and believe in moving on. I mean..that’s the way to live it. . Right ? But,What went wrong here, I wonder…? What could have POSSIBLY gone wrong ?

Anyway, having said that, I’m living with this malediction everyday. I have learnt to keep up with it. Nope, have NOT forgotten, just learnt to overlook it, until this day arrives when despite my looking away in the mall, she seemed to have recognised me.

”Run Forest Run” … my thoughts exploded. Actually there were other thoughts too. . ” God, Do something – earthquake, power out , let her slip on the floor and I could just sneak out in that fraction of a second , anything ”
But God didn’t listen, or probably ignored. It’s like the almighty had destined this day . It wanted me to get this whole ghostly tryst to be done and over with. As she ran towards me, suddenly I could see it all clearly, it was definitely the destiny. An immaculate pre-planned incident ,that had, had to happen and no one could cease it. Like , even if it was a Harry Potter theatrical and I had the wand to fly away or evaporate myself .. the wand would go dysfunctional.
I was doomed.
I couldn’t believe how fast my brain was working seeing her coming towards me.
When I was done thinking of ways of getting myself to disappear or vaporise, I thought proclaiming myself an amnesic would be the way about it. I could just pretend I don’t recognise her. That , this disease had wiped off all my memories and left me clean.
Like, there was no sign coming back , no way I could ever recall who she was.  But that made me worry even more… she could then try harder to bring back my pretentious lost memory and in the process, probably end up spending more time with me than she possibly was planning to. Oh God.. this was a trap and it was not easy getting out of it .

She had almost reached towards me . Her footsteps still could not match up my heart beats though . In only a fraction of a second, she was going to have a conversation with me which would include a lot of surprising and happiness around her. But what about me, I was going to listen to a voice I had tried so hard to forget all these years. I was going to be looking at a face for real that haunted me for nights. What would I say. Should I act surprised ? Should I act casual ? Not amnesic , definitely not. I decided I will keep it short and simple. Like , ** Hey Hi, How have you been . I’m good. Thanks. Gotta rush. Bye. See ya later. Done . **
Yes.. that’s it . These were my words. I was preparing myself to face her .

“Excuse me” , she spoke. She finally did .
I looked at her, tried real hard to act surprised and said ” Hey Hiiii ”
Before I could start with my drill and get done with those 14 words I had memorised , she handed out a wallet.
She said – ” Hi, I think you forgot this at the last store you visited, Is it yours?”
I looked at the wallet , it really was mine. Then I looked into my hand bag to double check, “Yes, it is! “
She gave it to me and as it seemed like, she was waiting for a thank you.
I thought may be she was pretending this whole thing and would suddenly act all jumpy and try to hug me or something.
I played along. I said Thank you, she smiled and walked away . She was gone . Vanished in the crowd. Nowhere to be found.
OMG,what had just happened. She had forgotten me , Had she really forgotten me?
All these years I had been praying so terribly hard not to ever see another sight of her and looks like I never even existed for her anymore.
I looked for her everywhere in the crowd . May be I still hoped, she’d come back and tell me it was a joke.
I can’t believe how easily she forgot me. From feeling so irritated and provoked, suddenly I felt so insignificant, immaterial . Like I never really left an impression on her. And ironically she was all I had to whine over all my life.

If fate was anything to do with it , I had lost. Lost in my own eyes.

When Life hands you lemons..

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Disclaimer All characters, incidents, stories, happenings in this work below, are absolutely REAL.
Any resemblance to real persons, living and NOT dead,are purely intentional .
The gravity of situations mentioned below are least exaggerated and can be taken in a more serious yet funny note.

It’s been precise 2 months today, since my life changed radically. Getting married, moving to a new house,leaving my home for good..kissing the kids in the family goodbye… Becoming a part of a new family .. the relatives..all the expectations..the judgmental glances.. the apprehensions.. the sweet memories. And in THAT confined time – also managing marriage registration, driving license, visa, bank accounts,air tickets. It was a world to see in precise 14 days and how !!! Now when I look back, I realize how foolishly worried I was about everything. Its surprising how things just fell into place.. And I’d be selfish not to mention I had a partner who stood by me in all times.
You know when they say,’When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!!’ We kinda made gallons of it .. :))

I still remember how ridiculously I had packed tonnes of luggage and realized how overweight I was at the airport ; with gazillion advices echoing in my ears, ” Carry as many warm clothes as you can” , ”Do not talk to random people on board”, ” Make sure to carry your passport with you’, I mean wtf? ,”Take atleast 30 rotis packed from home, saves all the trouble of cooking once you land for a long time. haha.. yeah .. sure !”, ” Do NOT eat beef ” Sorry Mom, i was forced into it ;)) !

This was my first ever 22hr long flight to a land I had never been to. Nothing to gloat about , but the fact that it seemed so venturesome to me all doing it by myself back then , I could almost make a joke out of it today. Its a different story that the flight actually turned out to be over 25 hr long.
So well, after managing to get myself on board,and sitting on my ass for over 18 hours, going all anxious about how its going to be there so far away from my own country, a flight announcement shook me up. Out of nowhere, the flight going to Chicago, had to be landed in Goose Bay Canada Airport ( I had NO idea what was happening ) due to some emergency.. !
For a moment, I thought if our flight was being hijacked, but that’d been way too dramatical to even think of.
or atleast that’s what my husband waiting for me on the other side would have thought of. I mean, think of it, how often do you go to receive your newly wedded wife at the airport just to find out, she never really would land. cuz the flight she was on..was hijacked ? That would surely have been the end of our so called ‘ lemonades’ :)

The guy sitting next to me , Mathew.. was an American, He and I kind of started playing guessing games.
Going positive, if it was not the hijack, what else could it possibly be – The plane ran out of fuel ? The pilot had to go take a poop ? Mathew suggested it must have been some military emergency – I mean.. WHAT ? How the hell does he infer that ?? Didn’t know if this was a regular practice, but it surely happened to us. If Mathew was any right , I came that close to be able to tell my children about how my flight to Chicago kind of landed in the middle of nowhere.. just because some American militants had to port deadly armaments on our plane due to an emergency which led to the biggest outbreak of an impacting war in our era .. ! And there I was , married only 14 days back.
The pilot, finally announced it was a medical emergency ,some passenger on the plane had to be moved to a hospital and hence the landing on the Goose bay. But wait , I never saw anyone being moved out of the plane ?
Some hoax ? Conspiracy ? It will always be a secret to us ! and I kind of like the sound of that .. don’t I :)

My flight was 3 hrs late,Nevertheless, I had landed safe, waiting to see my husband and super excited.. so well, I was almost that close to conclude it a day worth all the troubles until I figured my luggage were missing. Errr.. Both of them. Bummer!!
What is it ? Was I the target ? The chosen one ? When I was done thinking all evil, a funny thought passed by. Was I being punked? That would be hilarious! But who would be trying to pull that off on me ..shattered my hopes.
How often do you end up having a screwed up day like this, JUST when you least expect it and of all the days, on a day like THIS ?

So yeah, I’m on a foreign land..quite by myself..for the first time ever.. can’t find my luggage.. the flight is already too late… and you know what adds up to the drama . My husband .. while endlessly waiting for me outside the airport scanning every passenger’s face coming out of my flight, worriedly thinks probably I never got onto that plane in the first place. Freaky eh ? I wonder what I’d do if I was in his place..

This had to be a nightmare one of a kind. But this HAS to be a real story to be told forever also, one of a kind !

P.S Eventually, my husband found me, and I found my baggage … after each of us reporting them missing :)

A Friend Indeed

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I walked up to him and said ‘I need your wallet’
He replied ‘Why? I bought you that dress already, why do you need more money?’
I made a grumpy face and attempted to walk away..he stopped me right away and handed over his wallet to me , ‘It’s all yours’,, he said and sighed ‘‘God …Women !!” haha .. Such was our love…we called each other ”just friends” though :)

He loved me ever since he held me in his arms. I could sense it. I may have been real obtuse, but I knew it wasn’t just simple affection from his side.. It was the bond that was to exist forever. Like he’d never let go of me.

The charm we shared was evident enough. Even though he wouldn’t say much, somewhere deep down, I knew we had a long way to go…I looked up to him.
I can’t believe how I changed as a person and he still stuck around… so patiently.

Days passed by, Years passed by.. It was unspoken, not talked about anymore.. not expressed outrightly..But it was deep down inside the both of us.. we knew it needed no mention. it was pure and righteous.. except that he’d always forget my birthdays :).. and i would always remember his. It was weird how the chemistry was so accepted amongst us now that i was done grilling him and he was done trying too hard remembering it every year now !!

It was his b’day again , i had baked the cake myself. It was a chocolate one.. with the dark chocolate frosting. He was too cautious abt his health these days , he would say ‘No more cakes this year. im going fat ” haha… can’t believe it is the same person who couldn’t care less eating just about anything. He was now keeping a calorie count like some pretentious on-diet feminine who has just put on a kg more in the past 3 years.
I laughed it off and put the entire big pie in his mouth .. .it was his b’day after all,one day i looked forward to every year , besides my own ofcourse :)..
Things were in place, running smooth until about a year later from then. And Something had happened then. Something very unusual. I had met someone , someone interesting ..someone who spoke his heart out to me.Someone i connected more with or so i would like to believe. He would make me laugh and cry too. He resumed my emotions somehow.
I wasn’t too sure if what i was feeling was real but then it was beautiful. Something I had never felt before. and before i could even realize it, i had a ‘yes’ on my lips and a ring on my finger .
I wanted to tell abt him to my oldest friend.. the only person i looked up to ,until now.

I can’t believe how life had changed,how priorities were different .
I felt very bad from inside but i knew i was doing the right thing..
It was time i faced the truth . It was also time i made my oldest friend acquaint to my truth.
I knew things would go on the hook, but i had to let it out. I called him up, and as usual he was at work.
I said, ”I want to speak with you, it’s urgent”. He told me he’d be over for dinner and thats when we can talk. He had no idea what was coming up.
So the moment arrived when platters were set and so was my speech.
So what is it ? ” he said ! I replied – ” I got something to tell you but pls pls don’t freak out”
I had my hand hidden, I didn’t want him to see that diamond ring until I was sure he was ok.
“I found someone, He is amazing. and he loves me a lot and so do I. I think he is the one and I want to marry him.””
I said all of that in one breath , and just went numb. The ball was in his court now, i sighed silently.Like i just took some huge weight off my body . I felt relieved but at the same time, i kept staring at him. I was gauging at his every single reaction.
He obviously went in shock . I could see that. He wasn’t good at hiding his expressions. He stopped chewing his food and almost went blank.
There was no utterance of a word from either sides for good 45 seconds after that. The worst 45 seconds of my life.
and then it was me again , ”I’m sorry but i have made up my mind, I want you to be happy about it pls. He is the best thing in the world and I want you to meet him, trust me, you’d love him”.. My god i was selling to him now. Listing all of his good qualities .. not realizing the more i spoke, the more difficult it got for him ..
So you love him eh ?”
Err.. was that a tricky one ?I didn’t get that question. Did he want me to say ,’Not as much as i love you?‘, would that have made him feel any better? . God.. i never saw that coming. another sigh of breath and i was blank now.
He said ‘ Ok .lets meet him then” and he smiled .
I wasn’t taking my chances, this could mean real bad . He had to show he didn’t expect this, like this was the worst thing he ever heard. but he wanted to meet him ? This was fishy.

So the meeting finally happened, and to my surprise, everything went fine. :)
I felt so relieved. I didn’t know how he was doing really ? It’s like his approval made all the difference in my life. Like the bond i shared with him had a different meaning now. I always respected him , but this was different.
I knew he had taken a knife through his heart to have finally agreed and accepted what was happening.
I admired his courage. He was still my hero , if not my love.
It was my wedding day , and my hero had taken all the charge . I noticed,He was trying to avoid me since morning. He hadn’t spoken to me all day , he was pretending he’s too busy getting all the last minute wedding arrangements done but c’mon a word or two from him would have made all the difference but i guess i was demanding too much. I couldn’t thank him enough for being so supportive and making this work and putting his heart and soul to give a perfect wedding to me..
The ceremony was finally being conducted, I noticed him a couple of times and he obviously wasn’t looking at me at all.. something just happened that moment and i broke out. I couldn’t believe i was going away from my family and him and had come to this sudden turn where i held a bag mixed of emotions and couldn’t walk a step ahead.
As i cried, I saw him coming towards me .. My friend, my hero , my inspiration.. he came and he hugged me, it was his way of wishing me a wonderful life ahead . I didn’t care what everyone thought. I just needed his hug so bad it was the only solace in the whole wide world for me.
He said ‘Never cry , I will always love you
and i snuffle my nose like a 3 yr old and say ” And i will always love you too Dad..”
My oldest friend , My only Hero in life,My Dad had given me the richest inheritance of love to take along.

Another Year Gone by ..

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And as we enter a yet another new year , reminiscing how last one passed , looking forward to whats next, making sure not to make the same mistakes we made last year, promising ourselves new resolutions.. thinking about last year’s ones..and if we ever kept them …and almost gearing up to work on the rest of the bucket list …

I welcome 2011 reiterating the fact that this year is not like others, because its unique, its absolutely unusual and its filled with days that are never coming back again,So I better be living them…

One of my friends happened to ask me if I was happy the way 2010 passed for me? If I was content with how it went, if I wished more would have happened.. or flabbergasted with how it already turned out to be, to whom my reply was,”It was quite eventful..definitely eventful…!!” Needless to say , i couldn’t have asked for a better 2010. A year to remember by.

And what do I look forward to? Some sanity to make right decisions in life, some hopes to not to mess it up this one time,more beautiful moments to share with my partner, career growth, learn to cook ‘out of the world’ delicacies, more trips and more places to explore, read more ,keep my blogs consistent, follow sports more often, stay fit and super strength to keep up with these endeavors I drafted in my mind..

And again, despite my bright hopes and expectations, I bid myself to stand levelheaded, be ready for the unexpected, ensure i don’t hurt anyone else anymore, not be too attached to materialistic things in life, and keep going taking every single day as it comes ..

I’m Jack’s pen !

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With a gun barrel between your teeth, you speak only in vowels.
His words, instantly, were vouching for a brilliant 139 minutes of epic I was going to witness.
Nevertheless, It took me atleast 21 refined viewings of the flick to finally believe how unsuccessful I still was to appreciate it enough.

Not only will you end up feeling you aren’t getting enough of it, you’d also be capable of distinguishing this world in 3 classes – the sanes, the insanes and then there are the bone-crunchers! :)

Unlike a movie with defined goal and storyline, this movie is a wild flabbergast. It begins with a perfect pitch, demonstrating the despair of modern living in the society where world’s all the material comfort is the only measurement of real success.

The flick is versatility personified, in the truest sense of the word, tale about a man who is mournfully depressed despite all the pitfall of success that surrounds him with a decent job and a living.

”Only after we lose everything, are we free to become anything”

The movie starts with the perpetual insomnia the narrator suffers from, as he becomes a crying jag in a big bad business world.

He isn’t respected, not rewarded, well…technically not noticed only and he decides to go off the forbidden path to find his own respite. The good that the movie does to the characters is not to constraint them in the evil or the good point of views. It doesn’t portray a character in a typical monotony. It isn’t about the protagonists sounding perfect or the evil Brad fucking it all (Literally though:-P).

“Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.”

One of the things it does well is, making its way into people’s brain of self introspection and digging one to analyze what and why one really does, when- what and why one does !
Walking down the lane, the narrator happens to meet 2 most critical characters in his life – Marla Singer and Tyler Durden. It is only when the narrator begins to destroy himself; he realizes what and who really matters to him.

Tyler’s ingression in the narrator’s life is well crafted and projected as the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that the narrator has been trying to solve ever since he hit insomnia. Tyler was the key to all his apprehensions. The sole answer to every question he threw at himself.
Tyler spoke.. He spoke! To put it much in exact words, Tyler completed him.

I still force to question myself – Was it narrator in Tyler’s imagination or Tyler in Narrator’s. Well, honestly, that’s just my way of looking at it… I mean… There are those who would take it at its face value and see nothing but some jerks, anarchists trying to beat the shit out of others for some sick pleasure – and that’s quite plaintive when one refuses to look beyond the obvious.

“All the ways you wish you could be, that’s me. I look like you wanna look, I fuck like you wanna fuck, I am smart, capable, and most importantly, I am free in all the ways that you are not.”

It still amazes me how Fincher puts the hidden signs in every second frame of the movie, for the viewers to, later read about them and, get back to watching it again. Smart trick. I don’t really know if that’s what he intended to, but he made his way into my brain at least, and never really left!

So the movie gets interesting when the narrator takes Tyler’s view on life of letting go of the fear to die is when one actually starts to live. Long live Chuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I take your view on my life too. (P.S God Bless my husband to be) . It is during this time when the narrator joins in with Tyler in hosting an underground fight club that was primarily started by just 2 men fighting and bleeding each other. The movie takes a more impactful turn when the club becomes even bigger until it becomes a cult. A group with non conformists, led by Tyler and the narrator, becomes even deadlier and more dangerous as the followers take a new route on life and the ones who once questioned the authority now became paranoiacs blindly following the group for a bigger paradox.

There is certain elegance in the movie that is rarely seen these days. It’s distinguishingly stylish, questioning the very apparent difference between Love and Hate.

“Fuck what you know. You need to forget about what you know, that’s your problem. Forget about what you think you know about life, about friendship, and especially about you and me. ”

Its by and large, a super effective film, that is a surreal manner, describes the state of mind of a man in the 20th century – unfulfilled, disillusioned, disgruntled, devoid and looking for a way out, at the same time.. its refreshing, exhilarating, stimulating, and insightful

“The things you own end up owning you”

Like I read somewhere, It is One of the most audacious mainstream movie to be released so far. Leaves you breathless, chews you up, spits you out and leave your senses jaded and disoriented. :-)

Below are some of the Fight club quotes for the day , i read them everday and begin my day. So far so good ;)

P.S – And this is what Fightclub does to you, you don’t know you read the quotes , but you did ! !

Unusual and how..

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Had been itching to write for a whole week now but couldn’t really think of what to .
Honestly speaking , I almost finished writing a post on murders, honour killings, Suicide attempts , betrayals, slaughter … and then chose not to publish it ;)
I mean… enough of serious shit, how about lightening up a bit.
So I started putting down random thoughts and of things that make me feel weird about myself…

So seriously… Is it really unusual …..

1. That I totally dislike chocolates, ice creams, shopping for hours and all the other girly fancy lil things , whatsoever. I love the color purple though ;) and ya .. gossip girl is one of the best tv shows I have ever seen .

2. that I have seen the movie ‘fight club’ atleast 231 times and I still discover something new in it every time I watch it . In Tyler, We trust!!
(P.S – I’m watching it again tonight)

3. That I think giving someone flowers is the stupidest idea whatsoever. Come to think of it, the flowers go dead as soon as you pluck them. And they are not going to survive this way for too long anyways, I understand the sentimental value they hold for you, but come on, that just goes to show how you are attracted to one’s lifeless temporary beauty , from the looks of it , that you’d rather pluck them then let them live.. (Shame on you!!)

4. That I finally fell in love with a guy, and not a girl this time.. (Yes it’s a shocker, haha) and I’m soon to marry him :D and for those who question if it’s really love, go f*** yourselves. If you need to know this, you definitely don’t deserve to.

5. That I believe in vampires and their very existence of it. I know they are somewhere there around us, they are keeping an eye on us, waiting for that one chance to strangle us in a dark lonely woody place near the highway. . That’s why I wear this ring that has vervain (poison to vampires) that keeps me alive :)

6. That I once forgot the date of my MBA entrance exam of one of the renowned institutes and missed giving it. It was the paper I had been studying for almost a year. I got through other MBA entrances though. (No regrets!!) –I like to believe I would have never cleared that one anyways: D

7. that I once was so horrified by blank call we received middle of the night along with my other flat mates, that we almost called the cops.

8. That I had a major crush on one of my cousins ( ewww, I know !! ) . We were kids; I barely knew we weren’t supposed to feel that ways for siblings at all, of all the people :)

9. I laugh when bad things happen to me; it’s like my way of telling God, “Nice try, you were that close”.

10. That I feel super sleepy on a weekend night, considering I’m a movie buff and the next morning is an Off for me , but somehow I stay up late on weeknights, when I know I’m working the next morning. And then I’m found yawning and catching partial sleeps in office.

11. That I’m so bad at remembering phone nos. , I still cant seem to remember my fiancé’s no. … tsk tsk !! (I hope you still love me baby :) )

12. That I wanted to finish this list at 10 points but 10 is so normal a no. that I rather finish it on a 17 or 19 or 23 and I got so many more to tell that I gave it a pass!

13. That I don’t find happy endings in a movie or a tv show interesting even one bit . It’s always fun to see rough love stories.. bad guy falling for the good girl .. ! Damon and Elena.. I vote for u!! I even wanted Rachel to end up with Joey!! It’s the weird.. off the regular couples tales that get you brownies(at least from me) !!

14. That I feel disappearing act is the best way to counter attack; it makes the other person think that he did too much hurting. :-P

15. That I barely feel nostalgic looking at old things and pictures or people for that matter. Its mostly a lie when I say “I miss you” to someone. (Keyword: mostly). What I exactly mean by the words I miss you is “ Im glad I don’t miss you ,cuz im talking to you right now , how could I miss you and talk to you the same time, and honestly , if you weren’t in touch, we obviously chose this way, so how could I miss you in that case? ” (Ok it got a little confusing but I hope, you get the point)

16. That I can live on pasta and cheese burst pizzas all my life.

17. That I super hate gossips and more so people who indulge in it. Sometimes I feel like smacking my own friends who just want to talk for hours on others ppls’ lives. I know they do it, I can’t stop them but it makes me pity myself for dragging myself through it. .

18. That I’m not an animal lover. I hate dogs, cats as pets. They are better off in some jungle hunting their ways to live. Not in my goddamn house!!

19. That I know its 19th and an unusual no. to finish my list at. But what the heck! I had fun :)